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  • photo not available

    RE: Voice over IP

    Posted in: Business of Care Delivery

    I'm interested in this as well. We have been seeing demos from different vendors, but out IT department keeps getting caught up in the HIPAA piece...

  • photo not available

    RE: profit centers

    Posted in: Primary Care Assembly

    We offer echos and ultrasounds as well and find these profitable and service enhancing for patients. Additionally, our IM physician is also board certified...

  • Janice Darmody

    RE: Medication Prior Auths

    Posted in: Primary Care Assembly

    Wow...just wow... specialist SHOULD be getting prior auths for meds they prescribe or finding alternatives. Personally that would be embarrassing if...

  • photo not available

    Voice over IP

    Posted in: Business of Care Delivery

    Does anyone have a voice over ip system they would recommend?

  • photo not available

    RE: CMS Chronic Care Management Template

    Posted in: EHR/EMR

    Hi James, What is your EHR? We use Centricity. They have a Centricity Health Users Group (CHUG) that has an open forum for clinical kit exchanges....

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